A mobile app for highrise construction

Improve vertical transportation for all site staff.

Eiminate 1000's of man hours wasted waiting on construction hoists and streamline hoist operations

Hoist Floor Locator

Enable the entire project workforce to see where hoists are in real-time, on any mobile device.

Logistics Management

Manage zoning, up-peak staggering, hrs-in-service preventative maintenence and hoist bookings.

Analytics & Alerts

Gain visibility into never seen before analytics and setup efficiency improving realtime alerts.

How It Works

Highrise App consists of 3 components.


We install our 3G sensor reading controller box onto each participating hoist allowing us to send hoist data to the cloud, in real time.


We setup a cloud database for your construction site on Highrise App platform, configured according to your hoist setup and operating preferences.


We deploy your app via web and mobile so that permitted users gain access to the realtime location of your hoists, alerts and analytics data.

Built for highrise and super highrise

Highrise App tackles the most common verticle transportation issues faced today.

A Productivity Tool

Highrise App works with any make and model of hoist on any size of building.

Realtime Hoist Location

Find out exactely where each hoist is instantly, visually, in real time.

Logistics Management

Manage how site staff utilise your hoists for maximum efficiency.

Realtime Alerts

Configure the app to send logistics, maintenence and status alerts.

Detailed View

Zoom in to view a particular hoist tower, or view location of all site hoists.

Easy Download

Quick install app, via Email link, Apple Store or Google Play.

Cross Platform

Works on iOS or Android and any web connected PC, laptop or tablet.

Realtime alerts

Configure efficiency improving alert notifications on a per site basis driven by our analytics engine and artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • App generated 're-zoning' alerts for logictsics controllers
  • 'Hoist static' and 'OOA' alerts for site formen to act on
  • Pre-emptive 'hours-in-service' preventative maintance alerts
  • Realtime material hoist 'booked/rescheduled/cancelled' notifications

See the bigger picture

Gain visibility into the efficiency and operations of all hoists through highly visual, simple to understand and act on illutsrations, charts and counters.

  • Quickly understand your overall hoisting efficiency
  • Run queries and reports on captured analytics and alerts
  • Build up data to enable better future hoist capacity planning

Highrise staff spend upto 1.5 hrs per day waiting

Contractors' Association of Greater New York, Inc. - 2013

Who benefits from Highrise app?

Highrise App is designed to be user friendly and accessible to all site and project staff.

Site Contractors

From the oldest labourer to youngest apprentice, site contractors will spend less time waiting on hoists and will have better on-the-job moral.

Foremen + Logistics Managers

Key staff will have access to powerful features for improving vertical transportation, logistics and general construction productivity.

Project Executives

Main contractor and client can monitor and analyse time, cost and worker moral improvements across single or multiple sites.

Hoist Maintenance

Empower main contractor, rental companies or hoist service companies to proactively maintain hoists via in app alerts and support features.


1 Elevator

£1500 (Sensor + Controller) + £69 /month

  • Sensor
  • Controller with 3G
  • Realtime Hoist Location
  • Alerts
  • Basic Analytics
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Frequently asked questions

What is the discovery session for?

We hold an onsite workshop with your project team to discover, assess and define which vertical transportation improvements your site may benefit most from. We then agree app configuration build and metrics for success.

What if we would like a feature not listed?

No problem. Highrise App is a base platform and IOT solution upon which custom functionality can be added. In fact, we actively encourage and work with clients to quickly and affordably build, prototype and deploy new features.

How do you calculate plan prices?

Our standard plan includes a one off payment for the hoist hardware and a service fee for each active hoist (billed monthly by CC or invoiced annually). Custom coding or advanced features may increase your plan prices.

How do I cancel my account/service?

Highrise App is flexible. To cancel or put-on-hold your Highrise service, head to your account management page and select the option to 'close account' or 'suspend service'. Visit our help site to see further instructions.

How we work

  • Get in touch for a free discussion
  • Discovery session
  • Customisation and prototyping (if required)
  • Go Live